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 Earlier, we discussed ways to enhance writing skills. Motivating to write can be just as difficult to encourage. Journaling makes it easier to get started because the children choose the topics themselves. If they are struggling with ideas, these tips will help get the creative juices flowing and the pen moving.

Write About Favorite Songs

Make a list of your favorite songs and write about them. Perhaps one sparks a pleasant memory. Write about the moods the songs evoke within you. The melody or the rhythm of another may give you a special feeling. Describe it. Music is a medium that is easily relatable, and so a potent source of material for writers of all ages.

Have a Favorite Movie or TV Show?

Movies and television are other art forms that appeal widely. Discuss your favorites. What were your favorite scenes or lines? Which characters did you like and why? Relate the movie to your life and describe how they compare.  

Explore Your Dreams

Another rich topic is dreams. Most of us dream every night and quickly forget about it. Instead, write about what happened and what it means to you. Describe the imagery as best you can. Exploring these messages from your subconscious helps you learn about yourself and gives you something to write about every morning.

Write Stories Together

Sometimes a little of creative encouragement can grease the wheels. Have your child start a story and you finish it. Switch places. Try going a couple of sentences at a time, taking turns at each step. This activity is a great way to include the whole family at once and get everyone involved in the benefits of writing.

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