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As a student, one of the basic duties you have to fulfill in the classroom is to take effective notes. They help you pay attention in class, and they’re your main study material. However, this can all be in vain if you have messy and unorganized notebooks!

With this in mind, The Tutoring Center in Salem will provide a few tips on how you can keep your notebooks perfectly organized. This way, you’ll have an easier time going through your notes when the time to study comes around.

How to Keep an Organized Notebook

  1. First and foremost, get a notebook and folder for each of your school subjects (you can even color coordinate them), and try your best to keep them separated to avoid mixing different subjects and losing control of your notes.
  2. Label each notebook/folder combo correctly. Your notes are very valuable, and by putting your name, subject, grade, and classroom on them, you’ll have a better chance of getting them back if they get misplaced.
  3. Make sure to write down the date and a title on each of the pages of your notebook. By doing so, you’ll have an easier time tracking down a specific topic when you have to study.
  4. If there’s important information that needs to stand out from the rest (be it dates, names, or other), use colored pens, highlighters, and sticky notes in order to do so.
  5. Avoid ripping out or keeping loose pages in your notebook. Do your best to keep your notebook in one piece, and put other important papers in your folder. This way, you won’t run the risk of losing them.
  6. Making doodles may be tempting when you’re in class. However, keep in mind that messy, unorganized, dirty notes can be very stressful when you have to study, so try to keep your notebooks clean.
  7. Lastly, you can keep your notebooks even more organized by making an index of your notes. Number each of the pages in your notebooks and create an index that determines the page on which each of the topics are located. 

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