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Just before the holiday break, many parents received report cards for their children. We hope that everyone was satisfied with the hard work their child has been displaying over the last few months of school, but there are likely to be some areas that could do with improvement. If this is the case for your child, you may be wondering how you can help him or her, come January, to take the year by storm. The Tutoring Center in Salem would love to help today, by offering four ways you can encourage your child to excel this school year. 

Daily Studying

It has been proven that students who study daily as opposed to cramming only the night before a test perform significantly better. It is important for your child to study, little by little, before a test and not only the night before. You can help your child achieve this by finding out when upcoming test dates are and helping him or her to make a study schedule. You can help your child feel more comfortable in his or her daily studying by providing a study space in your home

Note Taking

An excellent way to help your child study for the test at hand is to ensure he or she is taking great notes in the class. Be sure that the key facts the teacher presents are written down. Your child can compare notes with another student in class, and use those as a way to review each day. 

Knowing His or Her Strengths

Having a conversation with your child in which you encourage him or her to sit down and think about their strengths, you’ll be helping your child to realize what areas need to be focused on the least at this time. When your child recognizes his or her strengths, it will likely build up the confidence of your child, while at the same time allowing him or her freedom to admit if there are areas in which help is needed. 

Admitting Areas of Struggle 

Any areas in which help is needed can be called the areas of struggle. Once your child is able to pinpoint those, it is important to focus on said areas for improvement. You and your child may set up a plan to study more intensely here, and perhaps you can assist your child to understand better in these areas. You also have the option of hiring a tutor from the professional tutoring staff at The Tutoring Center. We are prepared to assist your child to reach academic excellence. For tutoring in Salem, contact us at (971) 600-3288.


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