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The Importance of Summer Learning With Tutoring Near Four Corners

No matter how much your child learned during the school year, much of it can be forgotten over the summer. This is an unfortunate truth for many students, and it is commonly known as the ¨summer learning loss.¨ The good news is that this can easily be prevented with the support of learning centers and summer programs. Yet, it does also take some  effort from parents and caregivers. Since it is important to learn about and prevent the summer learning loss that the majority of students experience, we want to provide some helpful advice on how to do that.

Why Children Forget Information So Easily Over the Summer

Summer vacation gives children the freedom to learn outside the classroom and should be spent wisely.  It is a way to let children breathe fresh air, go outside, have fun, enjoy the weather, explore, get curious about nature, and learn in an unstructured manner. However, most students spend most of their vacation time mindlessly watching television and that's where the summer learning loss kicks in. When children do not have the support or encouragement they need to engage in educational activities, they start to fall behind and will struggle when they go back to school. Knowledge is like most things in that if you don't use it you lose it. Not using their memory skills and being deprived of quality learning opportunities causes student's previous knowledge to deteriorate. The best way to avoid the summer slide is to continually stimulate the mind of your child and review over the summer. Through interactive learning opportunities, games, summer programs, and educational activities, students will learn and enjoy themselves without feeling overwhelmed.

Create Learning Opportunities All Throughout Summer

This is exactly what it sounds like. Creating and using every opportunity as a teaching experience will help your child to think more productively and will make learning easier. Almost any event, trip, or situation can be used as a learning opportunity. A summer cookout, buying a gallon of milk, and going on a road trip can all be turned into learning opportunities. Even making popsicles can become an interesting science lesson. A summer cookout requires organization and preparation. You can have your child help out with the planning and organizing, as this can be a productive way to get them to develop crucial working memory skills. Buying a gallon of milk requires calculations in order to pay and receive the right amount of change.  Going on a road trip can allow students to explore new places and things as well as encourage them to be more curious and learn about their environmental surroundings.

Eliminate the Summer Learning Loss With Tutoring and Educational Programs

Enrolling in educational programs such as tutoring and summer camps is also a great way to eliminate a learning loss. Taking part in these types of programs lets students catch up, learn better, and have fun. Most tutoring is offered only as a remedial option but it can actually be even more productive as a program that builds up, on knowledge and allows students to get ahead. Tutoring teaches students how to acquire knowledge and retain it, and prepares them to be more academically sucessful. At The Tutoring Center, Salem OR, we provide solutions for the needs of each student. Our academic programs allow students to catch up, get ahead, review, and learn to enjoy education. This summer, enroll your child in a quality tutoring program that they can truly benefit from. Contact us today by filling out the form on this page.

Summer Activities That Are Educational and Fun

Summer games and activities such as running around a sprinkler, having a water gun fight, and even using a slip and slide can also provide educational insight.  For example, a slip and slide can help your child understand friction and you can use a sprinkler to teach your child about irrigation. There are so many simple games and educational ideas for the summer. The effectiveness of these activities depends on how you display the activity and what your attitude is towards it.

Effective Learning With Summer Tutoring Classes Near Four Corners

This summer, make it a goal to at least do three fun and educational activities. Also, look constantly for learning opportunities during your vacations and enroll your child in the best tutoring program in Salem. We guarantee that if you follow our advice your child will advance instead of being affected by the summer learning loss. Call us now at (971) 600-3288.


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