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Your children have to fulfill many activities inside and outside the classroom, and sometimes all this pressure can be overwhelming and lead to anxiety, especially if you add the natural phases of childhood. This state can negatively impact your children’s school performance and other areas of their lives. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Salem, we would like to share some helpful ideas to help your children cope with this problem.

Talk to Them!

Communication is important to find out what’s happening with your children. Never diminish their problems, instead make them understand that their feelings are completely normal. Help your children reinforce positive qualities, this will show them that they have enough skills and abilities to overcome any struggle.  


Having a good night’s sleep is crucial in the development of your children. However, it can be disrupted by their worries. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, also check that the room is completely dark and set the temperature to 60-67 degrees. Don’t forget that many studies suggest that the blue light emitted by electronics causes sleep disturbances, so ban their use before bedtime. 

Face fears

As a parent, you will try to protect your children against those things that trigger anxiety. However, this isn’t the most appropriate strategy. For example, if your children are afraid of an exam, you should teach them to prepare for it and divide the task into workable chunks. That way you will boost your children’s confidence.   

Keep in mind that having the right academic skills can help your children face the anxiety that tests may represent. If you are looking for tutoring in Salem, think about The Tutoring Center. Our tutors are highly qualified to pinpoint the struggle areas and our programs will boost the abilities your children need to succeed in school. 

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