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 Unfortunately, bullying is a very common problem. Luckily there are many things you can do to help deal with any problems your child may have with bullies by following these tips, courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Salem.


This is perhaps the most important tip we can give you. It’s crucial that you try to be as aware of your child’s progress at school, emotional health and well-being, and behavior as possible. This includes keeping an eye on how they are acting at home, regularly talking to them about their feelings, and keeping in touch with their teacher(s) to stay on top of how they are doing in class. Children can be very reluctant to admit to having problems with bullies, so you may have to find out for yourself.

Dealing with the issue

If you find out that your child is having problems with a bully at school, there are a few key steps you should encourage your child to take:

  • Be empathetic - bullies are usually acting out because of emotional issues or problems at home; if your child puts themselves in the bullies shoes they may well feel pity rather than anger.
  • React as little as possible - bullies are usually looking for an emotional reaction to make themselves feel powerful, and if they’re denied this they’re likely to give up quickly.
  • Avoid fighting back - insulting or even physically fighting a bully is only likely to turn their initial attacks into a long-term feud; instead, try to avoid situations in which confrontation can take place until the bully gets bored.
And there are of course some steps you should take, too:

  • Talk to the bully’s parents - if you know the bully’s parents, it can be a good idea to have a discussion with them about their child’s behaviour; try to be as diplomatic as possible and avoid blaming them or pointing any fingers, simply ask them if they have noticed their child’s behavior and if there is anything they can do to help stop it.
  • Report the bully - you child may not wish to report the bullying because they don’t want to look like a ‘snitch’, but it’s important that teachers at your child’s school know what is happening so they can take steps to deal with it.

Be available

If your child experiences bullying, it can have a devastating emotional impact. It’s vital that they know that you are there to talk to and to provide moral and emotional support, so make this as clear as you can. If they don’t want to talk to you about their problems, suggest that they speak to a professional such as a school counsellor or a psychologist.

Bullying can drastically impact your child’s school performance, so it’s important you deal with it, but there are many other reasons your child may struggle. If they are having problems with any academic area, The Tutoring Center can help, giving all our students the benefits of one-on-one tutoring. Call (971) 600-3288 to organize tutoring in Salem today.


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