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 You are likely already doing what you can to help your child improve in his or her language and communication skills, such as ensuring you have helpful tips to improve your child’s spelling skills. However, you may not have considered this great way to help your child improve academically, by encouraging him or her to learn another language. The earlier this happens for a child, the more beneficial it is, and the more readily your child will learn. The Tutoring Center in Salem would like to give you just a few of the great reasons that learning a new language could benefit your child. 

Increased Confidence

Not only will your child be able to communicate well in one language, but two. Imagine what this could do to boost his or her confidence. Not only that, but you can expect, as your child continues to learn this new language that he or she will become more aware of the value and importance of words. Your child’s confidence will boost in the first language, as he or she will begin to understand more complex vocabulary and the differences in sentence structure. 

Improved Standardized Test Scores

It’s statistically the case that students who are at the least, bilingual, tend to score higher on standardized test than those who are monolingual. This has to do with their new ability to dissect vocabulary from multiple language perspectives, it also has to do with that increased confidence we previously wrote about. 

Job and Travel Opportunities

Remember that later in life, as your child begins to look for job and travel opportunities, you will have done him or her a great favor by allowing a second language to be learned. Your child will know have the option to travel to another country to visit or to study abroad, with little issues. Once your child is in the job market, there are extra opportunities for those who speak multiple languages. Your child could work as a teacher, translator, or business executive with great ease, depending on his or her talents. 

Be patient and remember that the results may seem different, depending on the child. Know that you will see improvements as your child continues to learn. If you decide that your child could use some extra assistance in a particular subject area in school, remember that The Tutoring Center and it’s versatile staff is ready to assist. For tutoring in Salem, be sure to give us a call at (971) 600-3288.


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