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Improve Learning and Memorization Skills With Tutoring Near Hayesville

There is a significant difference between learning and memorizing, yet both are important parts of every student's academic life. Today we want to explain the main difference between learning and memorizing as well as provide some helpful tips to improve your child´s memory skills.

The Difference Between Learning and Memorizing

Learning and memorization may sound like similar concepts, but they are not. Learning refers to the actual comprehension of the material and the ability to put it to use, while memorization is the capacity to retain the information and recall it usually word for word. Unlike learning, memorization can happen even when the material is not completely understood. This means that a student may be able to recite back the information without the need to fully comprehend it. Although learning may seem like the better deal, and in most cases learning is a more crucial part of education, memorization is also an essential part of our lives, both in and out of school. Tutoring will assist student's with both areas, providing them with the right skills and adequate tools to learn better and memorize faster. Allow your child to be well equipped to succeed, contact The Tutoring Center near Hayesville, today.

Why Memorization is Also Important

Learning the material will allow students to progress easier, however, some areas will not only have to be learned but also memorized. Tests are a perfect example of why memorization is important, as they not only test a student´s knowledge but also require the ability to memorize, formulas, dates and other and other sections of information.  Not all tests are based solely on memorized information, but the majority of school subjects will require good memorization abilities that do not come easily to all students. Although not perfectly, tests allow teachers to have a better idea of what information has been grasped. Luckily, memory skills can be obtained and developed with the right tools and guidance.

Healthy Personal Habits and Study Habits Lead to Better Academic Performance

Habits play a major role in the academic performance of a student. There are certain study habits and personal health habits that can be established in order to improve memory and study skills. Some important health habits include eating well-balanced meals throughout the day, exercising regularly, and always getting a good night's rest. Study habits, such as having a consistent area for doing homework and other academic activities, will also promote better concentration and result in improved retention of information. It is also important to instill a routine and section out a specific time to do homework and study, preferably in the early afternoon.

Good Study Habits Will Improve Learning and Memorization

Having a specific time for homework, ideally before other recreational activities or chores, can lead to a more active memory. After dinner and other  activities, children tend to be tired and overwhelmed by everything that occurred throughout the day. In the late hours of the evening the brain starts to release melatonin, a hormone that tells the brain that it is time to relax and begins inducing sleep. If a child studies and does homework during late hours, their brain may not fully capture the information. Although completing homework assignments and actively studying should be done early in the afternoon, it could also a good idea to quickly review or go over the information before falling asleep, as this will remind the brain of what was learned and it will be easier for it to be stored it in the long term memory.

How Sleep Affects the Ability to Memorize

Good sleep habits will also impact the memory. The brain completes the process of storing information more permanently during sleep. Very little sleep or poor quality sleep could alter this process and not allow the brain to properly save the information. Some research has proven that a good way to assist the memory process would be to listen to recorded lessons of the information you are trying to memorize while falling asleep and while sleeping. This, along with studying at an hour when your body and brain feel more awake results in better memorization of the information. For more memorization tips and techniques read our previous post here.

Better Performance in All Your Classes With Tutoring Near Hayesville

Helping your child form good habits will not only make learning and memorizing information easier, it will provide them with tools they need to succeed in life. At The Tutoring Center near Hayesville, it is our pleasure to help students excel in school along with teaching them the right study skills to become lifelong learners. Call (971) 600-3288 today, and learn more about our Study Skills Enrichment Program.


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