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Help your child do better this school year by helping them improve their vocabulary. 

Better Vocabulary Builds Bigger Learning Benefits

Vocabulary building is more important than you think. It can be easy to overlook this part of learning because it doesn't seem as general as other areas. In fact, when we think about vocabulary building we usually think of grammar or spelling, but it is actually important for all areas of learning. Building up your child's vocabulary can help them improve their reading comprehension, listening skills, and overall academic understanding.

Vocabulary Building Tips

  • Reading. Encourage your child to spend a few minutes a day reading and ask them to write down the words that they don't fully understand. Then, have them look up the words in a dictionary and draw the meaning. This will help them remember the word a lot more than if they just look it up online or copy down the meaning. For an age appropriate vocabulary list, visit the following page at Reading Rockets.
  • Drawing. Drawing the meaning helps your child process what they read and understand. They can then turn this into a picture that will allow them to capture the meaning more clearly or at least remember it more easily.
  • Practice. Encourage your child to use new vocabulary in their everyday speech. For example, if they recently learned the meaning of the word spectacular they can say, ¨Wow! That movie was spectacular,¨ instead of, ¨ That movie was awesome."
  • Listening. Demonstrate the use of higher vocabulary at home. The best way to improve your child's vocabulary is to use advanced vocabulary yourself. Children usually absorb things best what they are used to hearing and seeing them on a regular basis, so get your child accustomed to the use of advanced vocabulary.
  • Writing. Another important aspect of vocabulary building is making sure that your child knows how to use the words in context. Ask your child to write a short story using the new vocabulary words they learn, and write your own to share with them. This can be a fun family activity which allows you all to share your own stories or even write one story together using a longer vocabulary list.

The Importance of Vocabulary Improvement

The more your child builds up their vocabulary the more likely they are to do well in school. Some children have trouble following instructions or getting things done because they are unsure about what certain things mean. It is important to help your child feel comfortable asking questions so they don't fall behind. Teaching your child the importance of building up their vocabulary can help them feel more comfortable asking questions and asking the teacher to explain certain words or to paraphrase.

Tutoring Help for Further Vocabulary Building

Tutoring provides the ideal practice ground for your child to build up their vocabulary, improve their grammar, and enhance their reading skills. At The Tutoring Center, Salem OR they are dedicated to helping your child improve in all areas so they can thrive in their academic environment. Contact them right now by filling out the form or dial (971) 600-3288 and receive your free consultation today.

Make Vocabulary Learning More Kinesthetic

Younger children that are more kinesthetic can also benefit greatly from other forms of vocabulary building activities, such as watching interactive shows, playing word games, and acting out the words. If you simply give your child the definition of a word, they will probably understand it in that moment but they will likely have trouble remembering it. However, if they learn a word while playing or act it out and understand the meaning through games or activities, it will be a lot easier for it to stick.

Play Pictionary to Help Your Child Build Up Their Vocabulary

Pictionary is a great game to play to help your child learn and remember new vocabulary. You can act out the word and they can try to guess it. They will probably come up with synonyms of the word which you can then use when telling them the word and its definition. Then, you can switch roles. This time write down each vocabulary word on a piece of paper. Your child has to take out a piece of paper and try to act it out. If they know the meaning, it will be easier for them to act it out.

Fun and Effective Learning with Tutoring in Salem OR

Tutoring makes learning and vocabulary building so much easier and fun. You can find the best academic programs and most qualified tutors at The Tutoring Center, Salem OR.  Contact them today by calling (971) 600-3288 right now.


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