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It can be difficult to determine whether your child needs tutoring or not. However, the truth is that all children can benefit from extra help. Whether or not your child has fallen behind or perhaps could use more of a challenge in school, The Tutoring Center in Salem has a program for you. Today, we’d like to share more information about our Free Diagnostic Testing, as well as our available programs. 

‘Geniuses in Training’ 

ProgramThis program is offered for students who have fallen behind their peers and need an extra bit of assistance to catch up and truly understand. We offer this program in three areas, which are: 

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

Enrichment Program

This is an Honors style program that is offered for students who are excelling in an area. Although their grades may not indicate it, if they have challenges with their attention spans or learning disabilities. This program is offered in the same three areas as our ‘Geniuses in Training’ program. 

Diagnostic Test

The purpose of the  Diagnostic Test is to see which areas your child is excelling and where extra assistance is needed. We also test for, and work with improving concentration, focus, and attention span in our students. Our diagnostic assessment is free, as it is so helpful, we are confident that you will decide to use our services for your child. 

Once you receive the results of your diagnostic test, through a detailed report we will go over with you, you will understand more about the strengths and weaknesses your child has, where he or she could benefit from assistance, and what the next step is for you to get your child on the path to success. 

If you are ready to get your child enrolled in the tutoring that is just right for him or her, remember The Tutoring Center for tutoring in Salem. Give us a call at (971) 600-3288, to schedule your child’s free diagnostic assessment today.


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