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Why Students Struggle in Math and How Tutoring Can Help Them

It is not uncommon to hear students complain about math and mention that it is one of the most difficult subjects. Students tend to struggle a bit more with this subject than others because you use different abilities and requires certain skills that need to be developed. This, however, does not mean that math has to be a struggle. There are many ways to prevent math from becoming a problem. Today at The Tutoring Center in Salem, we want to discuss some of the reasons why math may seem difficult and how to eliminate the struggle and thrive in this subject.

Factors That May Cause Math to Be More Difficult Than Other Subjects

There are several reasons why math may appear to be amongst the more difficult subjects. The fact that math is a very sequential subject and requires a concrete understanding of previous concepts means that both good memorization abilities and higher levels of concentration are needed when facing this subject. The curriculum that is used to teach math can also play an important part when it comes to how well it is understood. An abrupt change in the curriculum can cause a student to have a hard time keeping up. This tends to be the case when students change schools or transfer to another school district where the textbooks or curriculum used may not have the same sequence as those they have previously covered.

Strengthen Crucial Math Skills With Tutoring

When dealing with students that struggle in math, we often find that it´s not that they can´t understand the current lesson, the problem lays in the fact that the base math terms and concepts have not been sufficiently reinforced. Your child may struggle with the more advanced equations because of this. Having a solid and strong understanding of math foundations, concepts, and terms is a necessity in order to do well in this subject. With tutoring, not only will students learn better math skills, but also acquire the crucial tools they need as well as lifelong learning strategies. Allow your child to obtain the advantages they need to succeed, visit us today and learn about our innovative academic programs.

Math Concepts Can Be Introduced at an Early Age

The first step into math concepts and understanding is understanding and mastering the math foundations of quantity, number recognition, number representation, and knowledge of operations. When a child is aware of quantities, it means they know that things can be counted and that they are aware of the existence of amounts, a lot, a little, one or many.  Number recognition refers to recognizing numbers by their name and as representations of specific amounts as well as what quantity they represent. Number representation is the ability to tell what the meaning of the number represents, knowing when a number represents an amount or when the number is there to state the order in a sequence. Knowledge of operations is when a child is able to comprehend that things and amounts can be reduced or increased, added or subtracted. Once a child is able to grasp these math foundations he/she can begin to master math facts.

The Importance of Memorizing Math Facts

Math facts are simple operations whose answer needs to become an immediate second nature response. An example of addition math facts would be 5+2 = 7, an example of subtraction math facts would be 9-4=5, an example of a division math fact is 6/2 =3, and, of course, an example of a multiplication math fact would be 4 X 5=20. Multiplication math facts are more commonly known as times tables and it is truly crucial that they are well learned and memorized. Learning and drilling these math facts can be of great benefit because they will not only make more advanced equations easier, but also allow students to better grasp higher level formulas and math concepts.

The Best Results in All Math Classes With Tutoring Near Me in Four Corners

Not all students struggle with the same problems when it comes to math. For some it may be hard to memorize the terms, for others it may be difficult to comprehend new concepts. It's important to recognize that each student's needs are different. The most effective way to do well in math is to get specialized help and individual attention from a professional tutor. At The Tutoring Center in Four Corners, we are proud to have highly qualified professionals.  Our math program is one of the most complete, fun and efficient ways to learn better math skills regardless of your child's current level. Help your child improve in math and even get ahead of their class, call us now at (971) 600-3288.


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