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How to Deal With Winter Break Boredom Efficiently

December is here and the holidays are near, that means more family time and some potential ¨I'm bored¨ sighs. Since students usually have their winter break around this time, it is common for them to spend it at home watching television or visiting family. Other times, children end up moping around the house stating how bored they are because the cold weather prevents them from going outside. To avoid this from happening, we thought it would be a good idea to share some fun ways to keep your child busy with educational activities that also encourage quality family time.

Activities You Need to Try This Holiday Break

  • Indoor maze. One great way to spend to spend the day together having fun is by building an indoor maze full of obstacles. Decide what to use and what is off limits. You can use some of the furniture, chairs, blankets, boxes, or anything you can find in your house and start planning where your maze will start and end. If your family really wants to get into it, you can even partner up and assign different sections of the house to each team of partners. Then, all together connect the different sections of the maze to make a great big labyrinth that expands throughout the inside of your house. There are many ways to tweak and alter this idea. You can draw a plan or just wing it. At the end, you can turn it into a challenge and see who gets through it the fastest. Allow each family member to get through it one at a time while timing each of them with a chronometer to see how long it takes each person to complete it. Whoever can get to the end first wins. This activity is not only incredibly fun but also quite educational. It provides the perfect opportunity to practice teamwork and helps exercise working memory abilities, communication skills, as well as structural thinking.

  • Create a time capsule. Another great activity that you can all enjoy as a family is creating a time capsule. Have each family member contribute three things to the capsule. One of those items should be a letter they write to their future self. The second should be a small item that they want to save in the time capsule. The third thing should be a picture that they pick out for the time capsule. Let them know that all the items will be placed in a safe place to keep for a few years and not be opened until then. Have each family member gather their three items and then decide together on the future date that you will all meet again to open it. This activity is the perfect way to practice cognitive thinking and writing. It is also a great way to discuss what is important to each of your family members and share what each item placed in the time capsule represents.
  • Tutoring and extracurricular programs. Your child may not be able to play outdoors for very long but they can participate in indoor fitness classes or other programs that encourage their interests. Photography, painting, and even baking classes are all great ways to help your child discover his/her talents and learn new skills and hobbies. Tutoring programs can also help your child become a more well-rounded and successful student. At The Tutoring Center, Salem OR your child will not only receive the academic help they need, but they can also take advantage of their Study Skills Academic Program. This program allows them to build better habits and abilities that facilitate learning and allows them to reach their full potential. Contact them today by filling out the contact form on this page. 
  • Start making your family tree. Take advantage of the holidays and the fact that most family members are gathered together by creating your family tree. Have children interview the older family members, learn about their family history, and gather as much information as they can about their past. Then, grab a large poster and let everyone collaborate in creating the family tree on paper. Since there might be different sides of the family it might be a good idea to have more distant relatives create their own family tree on a separate poster and place it along side yours where they intersect. This is a great activity that not only encourages children to learn about their own family history and heritage but that also allows older members to pass down stories and memories that younger generations can cherish and continue to pass down.

This Winter Break Take Advantage of Tutoring in Salem OR

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