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It's never too early or too late to start preparing for college applications. Help your college bound child stay on top of them with these tips.

How to Help Your Child Stay on Top of College Applications

If your child has always dreamed of attending college, help them reach their dream! Although you can't do the work for them, you can help them be prepared when the time to apply arrives. If you're not sure how to help your child, use these simple tips to make college applications a breeze.

It's Never Too Early

Whether your child is applying to college this school year or still has a few years of school to complete, it's never too early to start making college plans. Remember that what your child participates in during school or extracurricular activities they take on can all affect their application. Set college related goals along the way to keep your child motivated to reach their college dreams.

Make a List of Accomplishments

Although grades and exam results play an important part of college applications, admissions offices take far more into consideration. A great way to impress admissions offices is with your child's accomplishments and initiative. Keep a list of the extracurricular activities your child participates in, especially those that show their passions. Make a note of leadership positions they held in these activities, such as being captain of the soccer team or president of the French club. If they receive awards during their time in school, make a note of these as well. All of this will show admissions offices your child's strengths and commitment to their passions.

Explore College Options

There are a ton of colleges all over the country and even in foreign countries for your child to choose from. Help them narrow down their options to a more manageable list of potential universities. To make a shortlist of options, start by asking your child what they're interested in majoring in. You can then do a search of the best universities for this field of study. This can help your child focus on the universities that will offer the best opportunities in their desired field. To narrow down their list further, ask questions such as:
  • Do you want to go to a large football school or a smaller liberal arts college?
  • How important is Greek life?
  • What values are most important to you?
  • Do you want to stay at home and commute or do you want to live on campus in a dorm room?
  • Are you interested in living in a city or a small college town?
These types of questions will help your child decide exactly what they're looking for so that their search is much easier. To help your child stay on track and make it into their dream school, trust the tutors at The Tutoring Center, Salem OR to help. Contact their learning center at (971) 600-3288 to learn more about their academic programs and how these can help your child stay on the college track.

Understand Entrance Requirements

Applying to colleges may sound quite simple, but it can turn into a long process because of all the application requirements. What makes it even more difficult is that different universities have different application requirements, so be sure to do your research. All universities will require transcripts and an application, while some will also require test results, personal statements, letters of recommendation, and even a portfolio of the student's work. Once your child knows what schools they are applying to, be sure you both understand what needs to be turned in and by what date.

Make Solid Plans

Once you have all of this figured out, do your best to stay organized and on top of all the deadlines. Use a calendar to keep track of important dates, such as exam dates and deadlines for paperwork. Be sure your child takes these dates seriously and help them avoid procrastinating.

Study for Exams

One of the most dreaded steps in the college application process is preparing for college entrance exams. There is so much pressure to do well on these that many students develop anxiety around them. Help your child do their best with minimal test anxiety by helping them prepare. Have them start studying early so that they don't feel rushed as their test date approaches. You can also sign them up for a tutoring program focused on preparing for these specific exams. Having extra help can make them feel more calm and better prepared, resulting in even better scores. Be sure you and your child are on the right track towards college. Use this helpful checklist along the way.

Prepare for College With Tutoring in Salem OR

If your child needs extra help preparing for college, tutoring in Salem is a great option. Check out the different academic program offered at The Tutoring Center, Salem OR. To enroll your child, contact their learning center at (971) 600-3288.


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