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Setting summer goals is the perfect way to keep your child busy and not bored this summer break. Help your child set the right goals with these tips.

Goals Your Child Can Accomplish This Summer

Your child is likely looking forward to summer break because it means an escape from school, even if it's just for a few months. If they plan on lounging around the house and playing video games, chances are they're going to get bored at some point. Beat the boredom and keep their mind active by setting summer goals at the beginning of their break. Not only will this prevent boredom, it will also help your child avoid the summer slide. For ideas on summer goals which your child can set, check out these examples.

Summer Goals for Elementary School Students

Elementary school students are just developing their academic skills, so it's important that they don't lose the knowledge they worked so hard to acquire during the school year. To help your child retain the lessons they learned and avoid the summer slide, consider setting these types of goals with them. Set reading goals: Children who don't read during the summer are at risk of falling behind in their reading level. Luckily, reading is a fun activity that all children can enjoy as long as they're allowed to choose their reading material. At the start of summer, sit down with your child and set a goal for the number of books each one of you would like to complete during the break. Your participation in this goal will help keep your child motivated, and it really won't do you any harm to do some reading with them. Practice a physical activity: Establishing healthy habits at a young age can help your child maintain them for a lifetime. Making time to practice a physical activity can help your child stay healthy while also teaching them lessons on perseverance, commitment, and discipline. Make practice a daily thing so that they get into the habit of regular exercise.

Summer Goals for Middle School Students

Middle school students often find themselves going through a transitional phase in their life at this point in their academic path. They may just be developing their own voice and interests while also taking on serious academic challenges. Help your child have a summer of self-discovery with these types of goals. Sign up for an extracurricular activity: Get your child excited about participating in an extracurricular activity of their choice this summer. Let them pick whatever activity they are interested in so that they have a chance to participate in something they truly love. This can help them find their passion while also helping them develop their self-confidence in a healthy manner. Take on a personal project: Encourage your child to take on a project of their choice this summer that will let them develop their voice and interests. Your child may want to start a blog about something they love, they may want to write a book, or even start a community organization to help their neighbors. Whatever they choose to pursue, help them make the most of it. If your child wants to catch up or get ahead in school this summer, tutoring in Salem is a great option. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Salem OR to help your child reach their academic goals. To learn more about these, give them a call at (971) 600-3288.

Summer Goals for High School Students

High school students are on the verge of becoming adults with real-life responsibilities. Help your high schooler prepare for the real world by encouraging them to set goals that will give them some real-life experience. Develop useful life skills: If your child is getting closer to graduating from high school, encourage them to pursue opportunities that will expose them to the real world. Summer is the perfect time for them to get a job, an internship, or even participate in volunteer opportunities. Get ahead in school: If your child is looking forward to college or has college applications coming up, encourage them to work on their academics this break. They can use summer to take summer classes to get ahead or to help them make up for grades they weren't too proud of. Your child can take college classes to get ahead on college credits or they can even attend summer tutoring to be better prepared to excel this coming school year.

Summer Tutoring in Salem OR

Help your child reach their academic goals this summer by enrolling them in tutoring in Salem. The Tutoring Center, Salem OR offers a number of different academic programs that can help your child reach their goals. Give them a call at (971) 600-3288 to get started with your free diagnostic assessment!


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