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To be a great reader, a student must master a number of reading components. Learn more about them and about how tutoring can help your student become a better reader.

The Benefits of Reading Tutoring

Reading is an important part of all students' foundation because it is needed for just about everything in school and life. While a lot of important reading lessons are taught in the classroom, this isn't enough to ensure your child is a great reader. In fact, students will benefit from additional practice at home. If your child struggles to master any of the components necessary to be an effective reader, give them the help they need by enrolling them in reading tutoring.

Why Is Reading Tutoring Necessary?

Being an effective reader is a skill all students need in order to excel in other parts of their education. Students who struggle with reading may not only suffer academic setbacks, their self-esteem and self-confidence may also take a hit. Whether they struggle with a number of reading components, just one, or none, reading tutoring is a great option for all students.

Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading comprehension is a skill that demands that the reader multitask. Beyond just having to pronounce written words correctly, your child will have to make connections between these words to make sense of what they're reading. Doing this well will ensure that your child is able to visualize what the text is saying, making recalling important information much easier. Many standardized exams, including the SAT, include reading comprehension sections with questions focused on the main ideas in the text and their supporting evidence. To ensure your child is able to master this skill, ask them to tell you about what they read or ask them to identify key information from a text.

Vocabulary Building

Reading and vocabulary building go hand-in-hand. Avid readers often display a broader knowledge of the English language thanks to their exposure to new vocabulary while reading. Instead of having your child keep a list of new words, encourage them to take this further. Have them not only look up new words they encounter, but also learn their root, some synonyms, and antonyms. As they expand their vocabulary they will also have an easier time reading. Understanding roots and other important categorization information will make understanding new words much easier and can also make them easier to pronounce correctly the first time. If your child struggles a bit with any of the essential reading components, tutoring in Salem can put them back on track. Look for an academic program focused on reading tutoring to help them become a reading expert. For the best tutoring services around, contact The Tutoring Center, Salem OR at (971) 600-3288.

Mastering Phonics

Phonics is one of the first building blocks of reading that students should master. In its most basic sense, phonics can be described as the connection between written letters and their corresponding sound. Your child should start by identifying letters by their name and then follow this up with each letter's corresponding sound. Making these connections will then allow your child to move forward to reading groups of letters and words. Phonemic awareness will allow them to build words by blending multiple sounds together.

Improving Reading Fluency

Reading fluency refers to a student's ability to read aloud at the right pace and with the correct expression. This means they should be able to pronounce words correctly while also allowing punctuation to play its role in the way a text is read. Students who struggle with this usually don't like to read, to say the least. They will dread having to read aloud, whether it's in front of the class or in front of one person. To ensure your child is able to master reading fluency, it's important to first pinpoint the issue and work on it. You can use these strategies to practice reading fluency at home.

Excellent Readers Can Improve Further

Students who are avid readers can always benefit from a bit of tutoring. Help your child take their reading skills one step further by challenging their reading knowledge. Tutoring can present them with new, more challenging texts and can even help them develop more advanced reading skills.

Reading Tutoring in Salem OR

Whether your child is a great reader or is struggling a bit, reading tutoring in Salem can help them advance their skills further. The academic programs focused on reading offered at The Tutoring Center, Salem OR are a great option for students of all ages. To learn more, contact their learning center at (971) 600-3288.


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