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Smart Tips When it Comes to Bullying

Bullying has unfortunately always been an issue in schools, but in recent times it has become more frequent. In a previous article we discussed how to arm yourself against bullying, and in this post The Tutoring Center in Salem will discuss some more aspects.

Types of Bullying

Bullying comes in many forms, and many times the instigators will commit more than just one kind of it. The most common types of this abuse are verbal, physical, psychological and emotional bullying.

Who's at Risk

Children at risk are those who have something that makes them different, in the eyes of bullies. A child may be picked on if he or she is overweight, wears glasses, has a disability, is from another ethnical group or religion, doesn't dress the same as everybody else, has different interests that makes him or her "weird", and so on. Shy and insecure children are especially vulnerable.

Some Recommendations

If you suspect there's a problem at school you can do the following:
  • Listen to your child. Encourage them to talk about school and other activities. Show them you take them seriously.
  • Teach them to stand up for themselves. This doesn't mean you'll encourage them to punch the bullies, but that you'll work to strenghten their self-esteem, to show them how to defend themselves verbally and not to give in to the bullies.
  • Communicate with parents and the school. Team up with other parents and communicate with the teachers and principals.

Tutoring in Salem

If you are interested in tutoring in Salem for your child, The Tutoring Center in Salem offers many academic programs that can enhance your child's school performance and make them feel more confident in themselves. Dial (971) 600-3288 to know more.


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