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Help Your Child Develop Better Listening Skills

In order to do well academically, students must learn to build good study skills. They must develop the abilities that allow them to learn better, that enhance their understanding, and improve their working memory as well as their critical thinking. That is why today we want to focus on one of the most important set skills that students need to develop, listening skills.

The Importance of Well Developed Listening Skills

Good listening skills are essential in school but also in every aspect of life. They are what allow us to listen and process any spoken information. Without good listening abilities we struggle to carry out efficient conversations, we lack the ability to distribute information, and to truly absorb the material we are exposed to. A lack of good listening skills causes increasing difficulties in a normal school setting. This can cause students to fall behind in school work and in class participation while also causing them to not understand the material, which can quickly lead to frustration.

Children Should Learn to Actively Listen from a Young Age to Facilitate the Proper Development of Good Listening Skills

Active listening is the key to helping students listen and understand the way they should. It is the best listening skill that a student can acquire and it needs to be constantly practiced in order to be properly developed. The younger a child is when he/she starts to learn to actively listen, the easier it will be for them to have the listening skills they need to succeed. However, it is never too late to start developing these skills.

The Right Tutoring Program Can Help Your Child Develop Better Listening Skills

With the right help and the proper guidance, students can still develop these skills at a later age. It may take more work and consistency, but even older students can work on improving their listening skills with success. Start helping your child improve his/her listening skills by providing them with the support that The Tutoring Center, Salem OR offers. They have a great Study Skills Enrichment Program that can provide them with the tools to build the learning abilities they need. Contact them today and learn more about how their academic programs can help your child reach a higher level of performance.

The Big Difference Between Hearing and Listening

It is very common for students to mistake hearing for listening but they are not the same thing. Most students hear the teacher talking, they hear the questions and comments, and they hear the instructions that are given, but they don't listen to them. Hearing is when a student just knows something is being said but doesn't actually decipher the information given. Basically, it all sounds like background noise or words without much meaning when you are just hearing. Listening requires paying attention and actually focusing on what is being said so that you can not only absorb the information but also understand it.

Paying Attention Is Incredibly Important in Order to Develop Better Listening Abilities

Paying attention is one of the main reasons that students have a hard time with listening. They are so easily distracted and they have so many factors against them that it can be hard to focus on the lesson and other information being said. Any little thing can be a distraction. Both internal and external factors can play a role. Internal factors, such as worries or hunger, affect a student's ability to pay attention and actively listen. External distractions, such as other kids talking and outside noise, can easily distract students and also make it more difficult for them to actively listen. Once a student develops good study habits and better listening skills they are less affected by these distractors.

Simple Things You Can Do to Help Your Child Practice Good Listening Skills

It is important to help students practice their listening skills in order for them to improve. Listening to the radio or listening to audio books are two good ways to practice. Another great way to do this is through games. Card games such as bingo and their different variations are all fun resources you can use that help students practice their listing skills. These games require that the players pay very close attention to what is being said in order to win.

Improve Your Child's Listening Skills with Help from the Best Tutoring Program in Salem OR

Help your child to be a better listener and to improve their study skills with the help of The Tutoring Center, Salem OR. Don't wait any longer to give them the tools they need. Contact them today at (971) 600-3288 and ask for your free diagnostic assessment so your child can get started on receiving help in the areas they most need.


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