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The number one problem among students is not the lack of learning abilities but rather the lack of proper study skills and habits. Procrastination tends to be the number one bad habit for today's students. Read on to find out how you can help your child get rid of this bad habit today.

Help Your Child Stop Procrastination Today

By nature, we tend to procrastinate because we don't like thinking about things or worrying about them until it is absolutely necessary to take care of them. However, this can lead to academic problems for students, including low grades. Today we want to discuss some information on how procrastination works and what you can do to help your child avoid it.

Waiting Until the ¨Right Moment¨ Can Lead to Procrastination

It is very common to procrastinate by waiting for ¨just the right time¨ to get something done. Whether we are hoping for the right lighting, less noise, a more comfortable chair, or anything else, the excuses never cease. This can be a very problematic thing for students because they become accustomed to making excuses and not getting things done when they need to. The right time to do things rarely ever comes, and the work only keeps adding up. Students then end up being overwhelmed and have to do things because they are due already. That is why it is important to help your child practice a ¨can-do¨ attitude and set times for getting certain tasks done. Regardless of what is going on or how many excuses there are, encourage your child to get things done right away.

Tutoring Can Provide Your Child with the Learning Tools to Get Rid of Procrastination and Build Better Study Skills and Habits

At The Tutoring Center, Salem OR your child will learn to practice the right study habits and learning skills that can lead them to success. Their study skills enrichment program and other academic programs are specially designed to teach students to lead more rewarding and prosperous academic lives. Contact them today at (971) 600-3288 and ask about their free diagnostic assessment for your child.

Procrastination Can Hinder a Student's School Performance and Affect Their Potential

There are also other ways in which we procrastinate, such as when we keep putting off what needs to get done and instead do what we want to do. This is one of the most common ways students procrastinate and even tends to be how it all starts. Instead of doing homework, students would rather watch television and so they simply do that instead. In order to avoid this, parents can set up rules regarding the right time to do what needs to get done first, such as chores, homework, and other duties, and then only after these are done can students be allowed to do things that are more enjoyable. When students learn to prioritize and get necessary things done first instead of doing what they want to do, they learn to enjoy their ¨free time¨ and be more responsible later on. This can reduce their chances of procrastination. For more tips and information on procrastination and how to help your child avoid it, you can visit the Unstuck website or app. Here you will find helpful resources and additional advice.

Do Not Allow Procrastination to Become a Bad Habit for Your Child

The rush and success of getting things done last minute can be quite addictive and can cause students to think that this is actually a successful way to get things done. However, whether they realize it or not, it actually causes added stress and additional frustration, not to mention that the quality of their work usually suffers. Also, when emergencies happen and things get difficult, the work doesn't get done. Such is the case when an assignment is due and the internet is out but the student hadn't even gotten started on their work. They ten can no longer complete it last minute because of these unexpected occurrences.

Tutoring in Salem Can Help Your Child Learn the Right Study Skills and Habits

In order for students to stay on the right track, they may need additional guidance and support from experts, such as tutors. At The Tutoring Center, Salem OR, they have specialized tutors that can help students develop the right habits and get rid of those bad habits that negatively affect a student´s performance in school. Contact their tutors today at (971) 600-3288 and  watch your child become a more efficient learner and an outstanding student.


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