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Reading is important and necessary, but some children have a really hard time with it. Encourage your child to be a better reader with the following advice.

How to Encourage a Love of Reading and Promote Better Reading Abilities

Teaching your child to enjoy reading and helping them develop better reading skills are some of the best ways to boost their overall learning and academic performance. However, reading does require constant practice and skills development. These are some of the reasons why it can become frustrating for children at times. That is why it is important that parents encourage a love of reading at a young age and that they detect any reading struggles early on so they can seek extra support right away.

Neglecting Reading Struggles Can Have Devastating Consequences

On average, 50% of parents who realize their child is struggling with school do not get them help soon enough. Many wait until months or years of recurring problems have passed before they start to seek out support. The consequences of this can be devastating. For one, the more a child goes on struggling with reading the more they fall behind in that and other areas of learning. Also, the frustration and struggles of reading problems can build up and cause your child to have a very negative attitude towards reading and learning.

Do Not Wait to Get Your Child the Reading Help They Need

The sooner your child receives the support and reading help they need, the easier it will be for them to improve. If your child is not at their reading level or if they are facing difficulties with this, get them help immediately. At The Tutoring Center, Salem OR, they can help your child develop better reading skills and increase their learning abilities. Their reading programs and efficient methods will not only help your child advance in reading but can also promote improvement in other subjects. Contact them today by filling out the form on this page. 

How to Determine Reading Difficulties on Time

  • Encourage your child to read out loud. Having your child read out loud can make it easier for you to detect if they have recurring problems with some letters or words. Kindly correct them and help them with those difficulties.
  • Make sure you take note of the words they mix up or sounds they have difficulty with in order to see if there is any progress after more practice. If not, talk to your child's teachers and see if they can suggest any other exercises that can help.
  • Check these reading milestones by Reading Rockets and see how your child is doing based on your observations of your their reading. It is important to make reading time a priority at home so that you can quickly be aware of any struggles.
  • Always stay in communication with your child's teacher regarding their advancements and difficulties. If there are recurring problems or struggles, it is a good idea to get a formal diagnostic assessment to see what procedures to take. Remember that the sooner a problem is detected the better it can be dealt with before it becomes an even bigger issue.

Reading Practice Makes Perfect

Not all reading problems are serious, sometimes all that children need is more practice and encouragement. Help your child view reading as a pleasant activity instead of a forced chore that they have to do. Do not pressure them so hard to read that you frustrate them and make them dread the activity. Instead, find ways that entice them to read.

Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read

  • Lead by example. Let your child see you reading, then encourage them to join you.
  • Let them pick a place in the house to create a special reading spot. Then, help them build a reading fort or reading teepee ( like the one shown here at the Pillow Talk website). Ask them to help you design that special reading spot.
  • Praise their reading efforts and use encouraging phrases instead of just telling them to read.
  • Point out the importance of reading whenever you get the chance. Show them that reading is necessary to follow a recipe, to write and read letters, and for reading subtitles when a movie is in another language.

The Best Reading Support with Tutoring in Salem OR

Without a doubt, it is important to encourage your child to read. There are many benefits that reading brings, and without good reading abilities, children will continually struggle academically. Don't let your child's reading struggles continue, call The Tutoring Center, Salem OR at (971) 600-3288.


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