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If your child is struggling with a homework assignment, use these tips to help them complete the assignment successfully.

Tips to Help Your Child Complete Tough Homework Assignments

If you notice that your child sometimes struggles to complete homework assignments, keep in mind that this isn't uncommon. Many times, students have a hard time with certain assignments for a number of reasons. If you notice your child struggling, use these tips to help them overcome their struggles.

Be Ready to Help

To start, always be ready to help your child with their homework. We know that many parents don't feel up to the challenge because they haven't been in school for a number of years. However, this doesn't mean you can't help. Even if you don't know how to complete a math problem off the top of your head, you can definitely help your child. Start by explaining to your child that not knowing how to do things is a part of life and that asking for help is a great solution. Try to focus on the positives, such as their willingness to admit they need help, in order to stay on the right track.

Read the Directions

Before diving in to help your child, be sure you understand the assignment. This means read the directions first. Read them yourself first and then with your child. To be sure your child understands the assignment, ask them questions that deal with the directions. Once you're sure you and your child know what's being asked, move onto the next step.

Look at Examples

After reading the directions, go back and read the lesson together. This will give you and your child a better understanding of the assignment. If it's a math problem they're struggling with, the examples in their textbook can be of great help. Examples will usually go step by step, letting you know what needs to be done each step of the way. Your child may have additional examples in their class notes and previous assignments that may help both of you understand the process to get to the correct answer.

Use Additional Resources

If needed, consult additional sources until you both understand how to work out the problem. Be sure to first use your child's notes and textbook before consulting sources on the internet or in other books. Using methods other than the ones taught in class can lead to additional confusion so do your best to stick to the way the teacher taught your child. If both you and your child are stuck, consider the help offered at after-school tutoring programs. Your child can get the best homework help and pick up additional academic skills all thanks to tutoring in SalemTo learn about the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Salem OR and how these can help your child, give them a call at (971) 600-3288.

Take a Step Back

If you've been trying to solve the same problem for over 10 minutes with no signs of success, it's time to take a step back. After spending so much time on one problem, you and your child may start to get very frustrated causing your mind to close up. Once you get blocked, you won't be able to think of different solutions or see things from another perspective. To prevent this from happening, take a short break and allow your mind to relax. Once your mind has been refreshed, go back to the problem and give it another shot. Try different methods of solving it and allow your mind think outside the box.

Explain Things Differently

If you understand how to do the assignment but no matter how many times you explain it to your child, they simply don't understand, think of a different way to explain it. Repeating the same information over and over won't change your child's understanding of it. Instead, explain it differently, use different examples, and try to use methods that include aspects of their learning style.

Stick Around

Once your child understands how to complete their assignment, allow them to do it on their own. Watch them complete a couple problems before stepping back further. Stay in the same room as they work so that they know you're available to help should they encounter any more issues. For even more useful tips that can ensure you succeed at helping your child with homework, click here!

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