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How to Help Your Child With Their Spelling

If your child can already read well enough, chances are he or she can spell correctly- but everyone, from those not so fond of books to great readers, can struggle with spelling. The Tutoring Center in Salem offers the following pointers to improve your child's abilities.

Write Letters

Encourage your child to write to somebody- it needn't be long and thorough letters, a few sentences can suffice. Ask that somebody -an uncle, a trusted neighbour or a classmate- to reply, encouraging further communication in turn.

Write Stories

Pay attention to the things your child likes and motivate them to write about them: for example, if your child is really fond of a plush doll, ask them about the plush doll's story and encourage them to write it down, adding details as they wish.

Play Word Games

Play crossword puzzles with your child and leave them alone if they want to do it themselves; also, play scrabble and similar games that imply forming words.


Reading will enhance your child's spelling. Choose whatever books, short stories, magazines or any other materials spark their interest and, of course, verify that they use proper spelling.

Talk to Your Child

Easing your child into conversation has the benefit of making them speak more and practice with words, among other things. Don't push them, but gently make them use more words.

Tutoring in Salem

Our team of experts can offer you the best tutoring in Salem, and can aid your child with spelling and many other things so that they will do well at school and strengthen their confidence. Contact The Tutoring Center in Salem at (971) 600-3288.  


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