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School can be hard. Learning all those dates, names, and specific data can take a lot of time and effort! However, there are some techniques your child can use to make sure this information doesn’t fly away. If you want to know what these are, The Tutoring Center in Salem, OR will share them with you in this post!

How to Memorize Specific Information


This basically consists of taking part of the words or numbers you need to learn, and relating them to a memorable phrase. For example, to memorize that H2O is the molecular structure of water, you can say “Hard To (2) Omit”.


Even though it may not be a super effective method to understand the concepts, repetition is popular way to memorize. By repeating something out loud or writing it down several times, it’s more likely that the the information will stick!  

By Association

Another helpful way to remember details would be to link them to each other! For instance, you can learn the date in which Independence Day is celebrated (July 4th) by associating the two components in it, and making up a simple phrase like, “July has 4 letters”.

For Extra Help…

If your child need extra help to get all those numbers and names down, a tutor may be the answer you were hoping for! They can provide their undivided attention and adapt their teaching skills to fit the needs of those who are having some trouble at school.

If you need a tutor in Salem, OR, be sure to contact The Tutoring Center! Our goal is to empower children to reach their potential. Call (971) 600-3288 to get them started!


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