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Fostering a Desire to Learn in Your Child

Motivating your child to do well in school can be a struggle, but there are steps you can take to put her on the right path. Learning opportunities exist at every moment, and you need to learn to identify them and take advantage. Here are some ideas to help get your child interested in learning.


Keep an extensive library, especially of books that interest your child. If she likes adventure and science fiction, buy those books. Your child will follow your example, so if you plop yourself in front of the TV every evening, so will your child. Lead by example and read. Try a family reading time where everyone reads their own book. Discuss them as a family afterward as a fun, laid-back book report. Give a reward when she finishes a book.

Get Excited

When you see your child is excited about a subject, get excited too. Encourage the excitement by challenging her to learn more. If your child expresses interest in something, it is a prime opportunity to motivate her to learn. When you learn something, show enthusiasm. It is infectious. Get excited about the world around you and encourage your child to do the same.


Use a diverse array of techniques for teaching your child. Get educational toys and games that teach in different ways- tactile, visual, auditory. If your child practices all the techniques, she will improve in them. See our earlier post about adapting to different styles of learning.

Positive Reinforcement

Focus on the positive and reward it. Even the smallest victories deserve praise and encouragement. Focus on strengths and encourage their development. Ask about what your child learned in school, not about grades and test scores.

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Another way to motivate your child to learn is one-to-one tutoring. Professional tutors have specialized techniques for dealing with all kinds of students. And tutoring is not just for struggling students. Tutors can help high-achieving children move beyond their school studies and challenge them further. Find out about the academic programs available at The Tutoring Center in Salem and call (971) 600-3288 for a free diagnostic assessment.    


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