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 The learning process requires that students take great notes during class, as it allows them to improve their understanding, increases their participation and it’s a great resource to prepare for tests. However, this skill is often neglected and it’s possible that your children aren’t taking effective notes. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Salem, we prepared the following post containing helpful advice on this topic.


Your children will have to develop active listening skills that involve paying attention during class, identify main ideas and increase their concentration to prevent their minds from wandering. This may seem like plenty of work, just remember that all it takes is time and practice. Also, make sure that your children sit close to the tutor to avoid any distractions.


Listening for the main ideas during class and connect them with other topics is crucial. Also, writing down everything the teacher says is not only impossible, but it will also make your children focus on trivial information. Notes should be short and you children should use their own words. Also, they can develop an abbreviation and punctuation system to become more efficient.


It’s also recommended that your children keep their notes in one place, like a notebook or binder. They should also leave blank spaces to add extra information afterwards. Last but not least, they have to review their notes frequently to consolidate them.

Keep in mind that these are just some general rules that your children will have to pay attention to, however every student will develop progressively their own way to take notes. Don’t forget that your children will need a comfortable place at home where they can carry out their academic chores, so be sure to read this post on creating a study space at home.

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