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 When it is time to decide on the best tutoring options for your child, you’ve surely got several options. What works best for your child will determine what you decide to do. The Tutoring Center offers a one-on-one tutoring program, of which we would like to explain the benefits today.

In many schools we find that the student teacher ratio is rather high on the student side and that the teacher would be hard pressed to spend one on one time with each of his or her students. Your child then, will be able to benefit from the individualized attention given by his or her tutor. Until your child is completely understanding a concept the tutor will not move on. Your child’s learning is the only focus in one on one tutoring sessions, and you can expect that the tutor will work at your child’s pace.

Similarly, in a classroom, your child is bound to find numerous distractions. It can be difficult for the teacher to ensure all students are paying attention all of the time, and your child may at some points fall behind. Remember that one on one tutoring is not only individualized but it also works to help your child remain focused. As your child and the tutor are working together the tutor can help your child work on attention and focusing skills.

When there is an entire classroom of children and one teacher, it can be difficult to ask questions if there is a concept that one child does not follow. There may be fear that everyone else in the class already understands and that the child asking the question will appear unintelligent. Teachers work very hard to make their classrooms safe places for learning, but sometimes children cannot see past their classmates. That being said, with one on one tutoring you can expect that your child will have room to express him or herself and grow as a learner without fear or judgement from peers.

If you think your child would benefit from the one-on-one tutoring approach from our professional tutoring staff, be sure to contact The Tutoring Center. Before we determine just what type of tutoring your child needs, he or she will take part in a free diagnostic assessment, which you can find out more about, here. If you’re looking for tutoring in Salem and are ready to get the free diagnostic test underway for your child, contact us at (971) 600-3288.


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