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It can be difficult to determine whether your child needs tutoring or not. However, the truth is that all children can benefit from extra help. Whether or not your child has fallen behind or perhaps could use more of a challenge in school, The Tutoring Center in Salem has a program...
As a student, one of the basic duties you have to fulfill in the classroom is to take effective notes. They help you pay attention in class, and they’re your main study material. However, this can all be in vain if you have messy and unorganized notebooks!

With this in mind, The Tutoring Center in...
Attention is a term we use in daily life that can refer to a number of things, from following instructions to the ability to focus on required information. The concepts of ‘concentration’, ���focus’ and ‘attention span’ may seem like synonyms, however they have different meanings. If you want to...
Just before the holiday break, many parents received report cards for their children. We hope that everyone was satisfied with the hard work their child has been displaying over the last few months of school, but there are likely to be some areas that could do with improvement. If this is the...
Right now, we’re sure you’re enjoying your winter break to the fullest. However, you need to remember that this is also a great time to ensure that you’ll do great in school next term. So, in order to help you meet your academic goals, The Tutoring Center in Salem will give you a few tips on how...
Having a study space available in your home is relatively simple, yet it’s often overlooked. We assume that whether our children are studying on their beds, at the kitchen counter or in front of the TV it doesn’t matter as long as they get the work done, right? However, creating an effective...
Keeping your focus on a certain task can be a complicated feat to achieve. Still, you can rest assured that if you aren’t focused while you study, you won’t make much progress with your school work. So, in order to help you stay concentrated during your study sessions, The Tutoring Center in...
The SAT is a college admissions exam, usually taking at the beginning of the 11th grade year, that helps to evaluate your understanding and competency in college bound subjects. It is taken yearly, by more than 2 million students. A great score on the SAT can not only help you get into the...
Have you noticed how certain people have certain abilities? Some are better at dancing, while others get a better sense of images. Turns out, this also translates to how they learn and take in information! 

So, if you want to assess your child’s learning style and know how you can help...


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