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The SAT is a college admissions exam, usually taking at the beginning of the 11th grade year, that helps to evaluate your understanding and competency in college bound subjects. It is taken yearly, by more than 2 million students. A great score on the SAT can not only help you get into the college of your choice and receive financial aid, it can also help you to receive a scholarship, which is really ideal. It is no wonder that this test can provide a lot of stress for those who are in the process of taking it, and it is with this in mind that we at The Tutoring Center in Salem would like to provide a few tips as to how to prepare for the exam. 

General Tips

- On some portions of the test you’ll be allowed to use a calculator so be sure to bring one
- The testing center will require an ID for you to enter the test taking room
- Prepare by sleeping well the night before and eating a decent breakfast the morning of
- Bring a protein/energy packed snack for the break you’ll have in the middle of the test

Reading Section

- Make sure to read the entire selection before answering the questions. They may very well trick you into getting the wrong answer if not read carefully. The test is designed so that you do better when you read thoroughly. 

Writing Section

- On the multiple choice section, pick the answer which makes the most sense and is the most correct. There will be some answers which are only partially right, so be careful. 
- As for the 25 minute writing section with a writing prompt, be sure to read it through and be sure that you understand it. 
- To organize your essay, try using a 5 paragraph method. Begin with the introduction in which you should briefly respond to the prompt and equally briefly explain your evidence. The 3 body paragraphs should be used to expound upon those ideas, and finally your conclusion should restate your introduction. 

Math Section

- The math section will go from easiest to hardest, that being said, spend as little time as possible on the first part, in order to have all the time you need for the more difficult questions. 
- Lastly, the math section does not have a penalty for the wrong answers. If you do not know surely, an answer, still guess. The reason for this is because you will not have points taken off for the incorrect answer in this section, but are given points only for the correct ones. Even in guessing, there is a chance you’ll get it right. 

If you are feeling extra anxious about taking the SAT or if you have taken it already and are not pleased with your score, perhaps getting some extra help from our dedicated and professional tutors would be a good option. Our SAT Prep courses at The Tutoring Center are an excellent way for you to get practice and preparation. Give us a call at, (971) 600-3288 to schedule for tutoring in Salem!


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