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How to Practice SAT Vocabulary

If the SAT is in your horizon you'll probably feel pressured into memorizing all the vocabulary words you can. We at The Tutoring Center in Salem have put together a list of SAT words with example sentences to, hopefully, make this task easier for you.
  • Anomaly: Something that does not fit, an irregularity. Example: We found an anomaly in the patient's heartbeat.
  • Antagonism: Strong opposition, hostility. Example: This proposal was met with the other parties' antagonism.
  • Proclivity: Tendency towards. Example: This dog breed has a proclivity for hip dysplasia.
  • Incongruous: Out of place. Example: His outfit looked incongruous among all those elegantly-clad people.
  • Panacea: A remedy for all ills. Example: As new properties of the substance were discovered, people began to think of it as the panacea.
  • Pristine: Pure, unspoiled. Example: The island was beautiful with its lush palm trees and its pristine beaches.
  • Chastise: To punish, to scold. Example: The woman chastised her son for using bad words.
  • Uproarious: Tumultuous, hilarious. Example: The crowd burst into uproarious laughter.
  • Fatuous: Foolish, silly. Example: He still held on to the fatuous hope that she would listen to what he had to say.
  • Diligent: Hard-working. Example: Ants are diligent insects.
  • Feasible: Possible, practicable. Example: We have to come up with a feasible business plan.

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