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Simple Science Experiments That Help Ignite a Love for Learning

Science and math tend to be two subjects that teachers need to review the most when students come back from summer break. We previously mentioned some tips for helping children eliminate math difficulties. Today we want to focus on science and share some simple but interesting ways in which you can help spark an interest for science in your child.

Tutoring Can Efficiently Help Your Child Thrive in Science and Other Areas That They May Need to Work On

Science can be a very fun and intriguing subject. All it really takes are a few hands-on projects for most children to grow fond of this subject. However, it doesn't always come easily to all students. Some students seem to have a really difficult time trying to grasp certain concepts and understand different science procedures. Many times, students that struggle in these areas are suffering from low working memory problems. For information on how to help reduce low working memory problems read our previous post here. Tutoring can help students that may be having difficulty in any of these areas and will give them the boost they need. Contact The Tutoring Center, Salem OR today and get your child the help he/she needs in order to advance in every area of their academic life.

Science Doesn´t Have to Be Hard, It Can Be Quite Fun

Science really doesn´t have to be complicated. All you really need to do is to ignite a curiosity in your child. Younger children naturally have an easier time asking questions, which is something that should be encouraged. Asking questions leads them to be interested in answers and this provides the perfect opportunity for all types of learning, especially hands-on science.

 Super Simple Science Experiments That Will Get Your Child Wondering and Interested in Learning

  • Density. This experiment is a great way to teach your child about density. It helps explain how the denser a liquid is, the easier the items you place in it float. You just need a tall glass, some tap water, an egg, and some salt. Let your child make predictions beforehand and at the end research and discuss what happened and how density applies in this experiment. First, instruct your child to place an egg in a tall glass of tap water. They should see that the egg tends to sink. Then, fill another tall glass half way with tap water. Next, have them add several tablespoons of salt, around 6 or 7, and stir it in the water. They should then add  more tap water very carefully to the glass until it is about full. After this they can slowly lower another egg into the water and watch how it floats.
  • States of water. Solid, liquid, vapor. This simple experiment can help children understand that water can have many states. All you need is some ice cubes, a stove, and a pan. Be sure to stay there at all times as the stove will be on and the pan will be hot. Grab one or two ice cubes and place them in a pan. Turn the stove on and let them watch how the ice cube starts to melt as the temperature in the pan rises. Continue to let the ice cubes melt until they become liquid and start to evaporate. You can watch the ice cubes go from solid to liquid and then from liquid to gas. Help your child research and learn more about the subject as they discuss what they watched and how incredible it is that the same liquid can have so many forms.
  • Other. There are so many other simple and fun experiments you can try with your children to get them excited about science and learning overall. Anything from building a volcano to baking can turn into a science project that helps them learn and gets them interested. Ask your child if they have any ideas they would like to try or even any experiments of their own. Even just posing a question can turn into an exciting search and quest for knowledge that will help them thrive in this and every other area of their education.

Help Your Child Thrive in Science Classes With Tutoring in Salem OR

If your child has previously demonstrated any signs of struggles with  math or science, do not wait any longer to help them catch up. Tutoring allows students that need extra help to regain confidence and build up a stronger sense of security towards their studies. The Tutoring Center, Salem OR is able to provide what each child needs to succeed. Call them today at (971) 600-3288 and schedule a free diagnostic assesment for your child.


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