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 Spelling correctly is a crucial ability you should help develop in your child if you want them to express themselves correctly in written form. However, all of the rules, exceptions, and more can result in your child needing a bit of extra assistance in order to master spelling. If you’d like to help them improve in this department, consider the tips in this post.

How to Improve in Spelling

Encourage Them to Read and Write

Reading and writing are both excellent ways to sharpen and reinforce your child’s spelling skills. For example, reading great authors will help expand their vocabulary, while writing will allow them to put their spelling abilities to the test.

Give Them a Dictionary

Dictionaries are a great tool that can help your child learn more about the spelling of certain words. Not only that, but providing them with one will allow them to cultivate their vocabulary.

Turn to Memorization Techniques

Spelling follows certain rules that your child should memorize and abide by. However, if they’re having trouble with this, they can employ different mnemonic devices (e.g. acronyms) to retain said information.

Have a Spelling Log

Your child can also keep track of the words they struggle spelling, by having a spelling log. Encourage them to keep a notebook where they can write down those tough words and practice them.

Practice at Home

As you know, practice makes perfect. Help your child practice and improve their spelling skills by searching for worksheets online that you can download and give to your child to complete.

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