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Having a study space available in your home is relatively simple, yet it’s often overlooked. We assume that whether our children are studying on their beds, at the kitchen counter or in front of the TV it doesn’t matter as long as they get the work done, right? However, creating an effective study space can help improve your child’s academic achievement. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Salem, we have a few useful ideas that can help with this task. 

Learning Style

Every child has a unique way of processing information and you have to discover the way in which they learn best. Some students prefer to have a quiet space, while others work better with some background noise. The space you choose should fit the preferences and style of your children. 

Setting Up the Study Space

Once you have chosen the space, find a comfortable chair and desk. Make sure your children have all the school supplies they need to work so they don’t have to constantly get up and search around. Don’t forget to provide a lamp so they don’t suffer from eye fatigue. Keep in mind that it should be the responsibility of your children to keep their spaced organized.


If your children are having difficulties focusing, identify those things that divert their attention -  remove cellphones, televisions, pets, and so on from their study space, and block social networks form their browsers. Set clear study rules and try to not disturb them while they study, unless they have a question. Remember to also schedule a few breaks; no one can work non-stop!  

Developing solid study habits doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process, but hopefully these ideas can offer a starting point. Don’t forget to read this post containing useful tips to help your child study depending on their learning style. 

At The Tutoring Center, we know that each student is unique and their needs vary; that’s why we offer a free diagnostic assessment to find out what abilities need to be improved or developed. For this and many other great reasons, choose us next time you are looking for tutoring in Salem. If you wish to find out more about our programs, please call (971) 600-3288.


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