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For a student, taking a test can be a nerve-wracking endeavor. However, it needs to be done in order to identify how much they’ve learned and the areas they should improve in. In a previous post, you learned about a few tips on how to study effectively to ace your tests. On this occasion, you’ll find a few recommendations on how to improve your test taking strategy.

Test Taking Strategies

Start with Your Name

As soon as you get your test, write your name on it. This may be an obvious tip, but some students forget about this step, which may lead to their test being misplaced or lost.

Read Carefully

Another important thing to do before you start answering your test, is to read all of it carefully. Read the instructions and the possible answers, and ask the teacher if something isn’t clear.

Answer Appropriately

Breathe in, think about your answers, and respond in the instructed form. Remember to use your best penmanship and comprehensible sentences, so there are no misunderstandings in your test.

Easiest First

If you have a lot of questions to get through, answer the easiest ones first to get them out of the way. Just remember to mark the ones you’re skipping so you can work on them later on.

Don’t Cheat!

Even if you feel tempted to cheat, don’t do it!  Realize that it won’t enrich your learning experience and that the consequences of being caught can be much dire than getting a question wrong.

Review Everything Once More

Once you’re done with your test, read everything all over again. Correct any mistakes you could’ve made, and check that you didn’t miss any questions on the back of the sheet before handing the test in.

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