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Summer vacation is a time for your children to have a little fun between the busyness of school years; you don’t want to let their education suffer however. Many schools today have required reading lists to complete before the beginning of the next school term. A lot of kids see these as a chore or hassle, but with the right encouragement and help from you, summer reading can be a piece of cake. The Tutoring Center in  Salem would like to help parents with these few tips to keep summer academic morale high for your kids.

Have a Schedule

Most summer reading lists consist of multiple books, to be read independently by each student before school starts again. Avoid waiting until the last minute to make a reading schedule. Have specific dates that each book needs to be finished by. Make smaller goals by planning to read a certain amount of pages or chapters per day until the book is finished.

Make a Day of It

Take advantage of the wonderful weather and pack up a picnic to take to the park. Gather the whole family and be sure everybody has their book. Take time to read your book, then enjoy your food, do some fun activities and finish with a little more reading. It’s amazing how much your reading environment affects one’s desire to read.

Be a Leader

If your child seems like they just can’t get interested, read the same book as them and discuss it together. Tell them what you find interesting and challenge them to examine the deeper meaning behind different aspects of the book. Sometimes students need a helping hand when it comes to comprehension, and without comprehending the book it’s impossible to enjoy.

For some students, summer reading can be more enjoyable than for others. If you have a student that is having difficulty with their reading, trust our experts. Call our team at (971) 600-3288 today for more information about one-to-one instruction or other academic programs in Salem this summer


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