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Tutoring offers a great opportunity for your children to review difficult material and move ahead in strong subjects. One-to-one tutoring programs are specially designed to meet the needs of your child. Here are some ways that tutoring will assist your child.

Benefits of Tutoring in Four Corners

Fewer Distractions

In a classroom with thirty other students, your child can get distracted easily. Working one-to-one with a tutor will eliminate outside interference, allowing your child to focus on studying and learning.

Improved Study Habits

Tutoring will build upon the learning your child does in the classroom, helping her to plan better. She will approach her class assignments and projects in a more organized manner.

Academic Advancement

It is not true that tutoring is only for struggling children. Tutoring can also give your child a leg up on the competition, going more in depth into her subjects and learning more advanced areas before her peers.


Learning on your child's own will help her build confidence and self-esteem. Your child can go back and improve those skills that were not mastered initially or were lost and no longer taught. Many subjects, especially mathematics, are cumulative, meaning that they build upon knowledge gained in previous years. If your child is struggling in a subject, tutoring will find out why and help her improve.  When she improves, she will feel better about herself.

Self-Managed Learning

The individual attention your child receives in tutoring builds her interest in learning. As her confidence grows, so does her academic performance because she has a better attitude toward school.

Personal Attention

At The Tutoring Center in Salem, we offer one-to-one tutoring.  Having a dedicated tutor will allow your child to advance at her own pace, spending more time focusing on weak areas in need of improvement. The feedback your child receives is more individual, meaningful, and impacting. Call us today at 971-600-3288 to receive a free diagnostic assessment.

Individual Pace

Because the tutor does not have any other students to help, your child can advance at her own pace. If she is struggling in a certain area, the tutor can work on it with her until she gets it. Conversely, if your child is already up to snuff with her current materials, she can go more in depth or move ahead of her classmates.

Improved Social Skills

Although tutoring is one-to-one, it helps build your child's confidence in the classroom. She will communicate better and become more comfortable interacting with an adult authority figure. This boost in self-esteem will improve her relations with her peers and conflict-resolution abilities.

More Time-on-Task

Your child will receive additional help on learning skills to reinforce what she has learned in school. Additional exercises will give her more time to practice her lessons and apply the skills she is learning.

Life-Long Learning

Tutoring can make learning fun, so your child will want to improve their studies inside and outside of school. Encouraging a life of learning will help your child succeed in academics and her career.

Battle Summer Slide

When children are not in school, they experience learning loss. In subject areas that are cumulative in nature, especially mathematics, forgotten skills can have adverse effects for even the best student. Even an hour or two a day of summer instruction can help your child keep the knowledge they have gained and get them ready for the next school year.

Improves Grades

The bottom line is that tutoring can improve your child's grades, which is a good thing. Even better are the reasons why your child's grades will improve. Your child will learn to study better, gain an interest in studying, and increase confidence and self-esteem.

Reducing Risky Behaviors

Tutoring gives your child something productive to do in a safe, supportive environment while not in school. This benefit is especially helpful during the summer months when your child has a lot of free time.

Extra Challenge

Remember that tutoring is not only for struggling children. Gifted students are often bored by school material, and tutoring offers them a customized learning structure to keep them engaged and challenged.

For Tutoring in Four Corners

Call The Tutoring Center in Salem at 971-600-3288 to schedule a free diagnostic assessment. This assessment will determine the best course of action for your child. If she needs help with math, reading, writing, or more, we will design educational goals and a customized plan to meet them. Our tutors are dedicated to your child's success and will spend the extra time she needs to perform better in school. Visit our website to find out more about us and our subject-specific academic programs.


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