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How to Help Your Child Avoid Working Memory Problems With Tutoring Near Keizer

We previously shared some memorization tips and discussed why it is important to learn better memorization techniques. However, memorizing information is only a small part of academic performance. There are several areas that need to be well developed in order to be able to learn more efficiently. One of those important areas is the working memory. That is why today at The Tutoring Center Near Keizer, we want to explain what the working memory is and its importance.

What Is Working Memory and What Does It Do?

The working memory is part of the short-term memory. It has two categories, visual-spatial and auditory. Both are responsible for dealing with information and retaining it for use. This means that while instructions or information is given, the working memory is pinning the information down so that when it needs to be applied it is there for quick retrieval. The working memory is not exclusive for academic tasks, in fact, it assists in any sort of tasks that need to be carried out. For example, when you instruct a child to pick up their toys, put the puzzles in the blue box, and the building blocks in the red box, they need to use their working memory to mentally pin the information down so they can recall it while they start picking up all their items. In cases where there are working memory problems, a young child would most likely have a hard time recalling whether the puzzles go in the red or blue box once they have picked it up.

Tutoring Helps Increase Student´s Working Memory

The working memory capacity also varies depending on the age of the child. Young children will likely have a smaller working memory capacity than older children and adults. The working memory of children should grow as they get older, but in some instances, it may need a boost. Tutoring can help students improve their working memory and other learning abilities as well as enhance their understanding of academic material. Eliminate learning obstacles and tackle academic problems with help from The Tutoring Center near Keizer. Contact us today to find out more about our academic programs and one-to-one tutoring approach.

How a Working Memory Problem May Affect a Child

Working memory problems don´t just cause issues when following directions, they also make many tasks difficult to complete. This can lead students to eventually stop trying and leave assignments or tasks incomplete. Children with low working memory may be cataloged as distracted or difficult, but the reality is that they likely abandon their tasks not because they don´t want to complete them, but because they are having a very hard time remembering the information. Many are too shy to ask for the directions to be repeated, others may do so constantly. Some children that have specific problems with their auditory working memory may benefit from having the directions written down and not just stated out loud. However, it is important to identify when there is a working memory problem, as tutoring and other activities may help improve it.

5 Indications That Your Child May Be Struggling with Working Memory Problems

  • Your child needs information repeated constantly as they are carrying out a task.
  • They cannot clearly describe the details of certain events.
  • They have difficulty recalling the order of directions for an activity.
  • You child is unable to participate sufficiently in discussions about the material learned.
  • Your child struggles with word problems or long instructions.

Exercise the Working Memory With Games

There are several ways you can help your child exercise their working memory. Games and other interactive activities are the best ways to do so. Board games and card games are great for enhancing the visual-spatial area of the working memory and allow children to practice retaining the rules while playing along. Other games such as ¨Simon Says¨ and ¨Broken Telephone¨ (This game requires one child to pass down a message to the next in line, and that child to the next and so on, until at the end the last child says the message out loud. The objective is to get the secret passed down without the message getting distorted) are great for improving auditory working memory.

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