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Improving Writing Style

We gave you some tips to enhance your child's writing skills. This article will focus on writing style, with some advice on how to improve it.

Adverbs Are Very Boring

Mark Twain once quipped that anytime you want to use the word "very," replace it with an expletive. That way, the editor will remove it and your sentence will be as it should be. The same goes for other such adverbs as "really" or "extremely."  They add nothing to the sentence and are so over-used that they have lost their punch. Use a thesaurus and find the right adjective. Instead of saying, "very beautiful," for example, say "alluring," "radiant," "ravishing," or "angelic."

What About This & That?

Remember to always follow "this" and "that" and their plurals, "these" and "those," with a noun. Make sure the information you convey is clear. Using these words alone leaves the reader to guess what "this" or "that" is. Help them along by being specific.

Live in the Present

You should write in the present tense as often as possible. It is more engaging. Even many history authors will tell their stories in present tense because it enhances the narrative.

Write Right

Whether you like it or not, readers will judge your intelligence by your use of grammar and spelling. If you consistently misuse "your" and "you're" or "its" and "it's," your reader will notice. They will ask themselves, "Should we believe what this author has to say? She does not even know how to write." If you are unsure of a rule or how to spell a word, look it up. Your reader will take you more seriously for doing so.

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