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Encourage Children to Start Setting Goals at an Early Age

Children that learn to set goals are more efficient students and lead more successful lives. Their performance in school and in the different areas of their lives greatly improves when they learn the strategies they need to work for their...

How to Deal With Winter Break Boredom Efficiently

December is here and the holidays are near, that means more family time and some potential ¨I'm bored¨ sighs. Since students usually have their winter break around this time, it is common for them to spend it at home watching television or...

Making Math More Enjoyable at Home

Understanding and doing well in math is not as simple as we would like it to be, but this doesn't mean it can't be fun.  Math can be a challenging subject, but it is also quite interesting. If we take the right approach towards it, it can be easier to tackle and...

The Importance of Parent Involvement in a Student's Academic Life

One of the most impactful factors that can truly improve academic performance is parent involvement. Several studies have demonstrated that there is a significant positive difference in the performance of students whose parents are...

How to Establish a More Efficient Conversation Routine With Your Child

In order to help your child to start off the school year with more confidence, it is important that you communicate regularly with them. Make it a point to spend at least 10-15minutes having a conversation with them before...

Simple Science Experiments That Help Ignite a Love for Learning

Science and math tend to be two subjects that teachers need to review the most when students come back from summer break. We previously mentioned some tips for helping children eliminate math difficulties. Today we want to focus on...

The Importance of Summer Learning With Tutoring Near Four Corners

No matter how much your child learned during the school year, much of it can be forgotten over the summer. This is an unfortunate truth for many students, and it is commonly known as the ¨summer learning loss.¨ The good news is...

Parts of Speech: Learning the Different Types of Nouns With Tutoring Help

Grammar can tend to get a bad reputation among students because just like in math, many of the grammar rules and concepts require previous knowledge of the basic terms. Today at The Tutoring Center near Salem, we want to...

How to Help Your Child Avoid Working Memory Problems With Tutoring Near Keizer

We previously shared some memorization tips and discussed why it is important to learn better memorization techniques. However, memorizing information is only a small part of academic performance. There are several...

Improve Learning and Memorization Skills With Tutoring Near Hayesville

There is a significant difference between learning and memorizing, yet both are important parts of every student's academic life. Today we want to explain the main difference between learning and memorizing as well as provide...


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